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So among ALL razors out there I'm sure the breeze is probably top notch I just found it to be the weakest of the venus razors I've used, and I was MUCH happier with my vibrance, divine, or heck even just the original venus.

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Problems I had with the razor include: - The "docking station" that's what I call them - the cartridge holders for the breeze is really bulky compared to the other venus holders. I'm used to the curve of other venus razors - they were just right. This one was too steep or something, I had trouble getting it right, resulting in cuts or missed hair - I found it harder to keep a good grip on this razor when wet I'm a shower shaver compared to my previous venus razors.

This compounded my problems with the angle. It doesn't look like the gel bars are worn down too much thought maybe it's because it was "running low" I only used the thing three times! I think it's something about the way the gel erodes as it's used - The quality of the blades didn't seem as good but that could just be me seeing things.

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I definately didn't get as close of a shave as I'm used to with venus products though : - Meanwhile the areas that I did manage to shave well got really really razor burned. Not what I'm used to from a venus! Maybe that's just me though, but I'll include that bit of feedback anyway. I wasn't happy at all with the shave I was getting the first 2 times, so I tried to use it with a little from-the-bottle gel to see if it helped. All that succeeded in doing was making it so the razor couldn't actually get at my skin unless I pressed down so hard I was prone to cutting myself.

I tried to "tough it out" through the first razor head but the final time I shaved one leg, stopped, threw the whole thing away, and came in here to start writing this.

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I'll also be writing a positive review of the vibrance because at this point all this razor did is make me realize how much I loved the vibrance! This is the worst razor ever. The 1st cartridge lasted for 4 shaves, then the gel bar fell off. The 2nd cartridge lasted 6 shaves. I llove the ease of not having to use a shaving cream and love the closeness of the shave.

However, the gel was almost all gone after 3 uses, then it fell off.

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We were barely able to get 2 shaves out of the razors before the gel bars would fall off. I would NOT ever recommend the Spa razors or any of the razors that have this type of gel strip.

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I have used other Venus razors and liked them. Built-in Shave Gel Bars with white tea scent eliminate the need for additional shave gel or soap. Try Venus Spa Breeze razor refill cartridges for women, 4-count. This website uses cookies to provide you with an optimal navigation experience. Privacy Protection Policy.

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